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January 2012
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The Paths of the General / Luis Felipe Rojas

The Paths of the General / Luis Felipe RojasLuis Felipe Rojas, Translator: Raul G. This article was written by Luis Felipe Rojas for 'Diario de Cuba'. It has been re-posted on this blog: In regards to the year which has just begun, it is evident that the directions of the Cuban government are like forked [...] Continue reading

La corrupción imperturbable

La corrupción imperturbableLunes, Enero 9, 2012 | Por Jose Antonio Fornaris LA HABANA, Cuba, enero, -El pasado 11 de noviembre, el vice fiscal general de la República, Carlos Raúl Concepción Rangel, aseguró en la sesión final del "V Encuentro Internacional Sobre la Sociedad y Sus Retos Frente a la Corrupción", que en Cuba ese [...] Continue reading

The Castros and the Kims: Historic Parallels / Iván García

The Castros and the Kims: Historic Parallels / Iván GarcíaIván García, Translator: Unstated Autocrats are clones of the same litter. They're not separated by ideologies, what joins them is an unhealthy ambition for power. Each and every one of modern dictators consider themselves enlightened. Types essential on the national map. Founding Fathers. Irreplaceable. They could [...] Continue reading

Lujo y corrupción en la Cuba oficialista

Lujo y corrupción en la Cuba oficialistaJueves 05 de Enero de 2012 12:49Neo Club Press La lenta desaparición de la generación histórica, o de la Sierra, más el tímido descongelamiento económico propiciado por Raúl Castro, hacen cada vez más visible en Cuba la ruta de lujos y prebendas por la que la clase gobernante, que [...] Continue reading

Eleven News Stories Not Reported in Cuba in 2011 / Ernesto Morales Licea

Eleven News Stories Not Reported in Cuba in 2011 / Ernesto Morales LiceaErnesto Morales Licea, Translator: Unstated 1. The Arab spring Only when the events in Egypt exceeded the predictions, did the Cuban press note (with tweezers) some isolated incidents. Nor had it published anything earlier about the riots in Tunisia and Yemen, nor did [...] Continue reading

Key political risks to watch in Cuba – 01-2012

Key political risks to watch in CubaWed Jan 4, 2012 3:03pm GMTBy Jeff Franks HAVANA Jan 4 (Reuters) – Cuba has opened more of its retail services to the private sector and liberalized land lease terms so farmers can rent more state land and keep it in the family as reforms aimed at fortifying the [...] Continue reading

Cuba to grant home repair subsidies

Cuba to grant home repair subsidiesBy Andrea RodriguezAssociated Press / January 4, 2012 HAVANA—Cuba is launching a plan to subsidize the construction and repair of private homes, an effort the communist government hopes will lead to better use of limited funds and stimulate private enterprise. Under the program, citizens will be eligible for as much [...] Continue reading

Escándalo de corrupción en Canarias apunta a negocios ilícitos en Cuba

Escándalo de corrupción en Canarias apunta a negocios ilícitos en CubaPublicado el Martes, 03 Enero 2012 14:07Por Café Fuerte Por JUAN CARLOS SANCHEZ REYES Agentes de la Policía Judicial investigan al ex alcalde de Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Islas Canarias, Miguel Zerolo, bajo sospechas de que realizó inversiones en plantaciones de tabaco y negocios inmobiliarios [...] Continue reading

Bright future ahead? Cuba’s economic changes create new entrepreneurs

'Bright future' ahead? Cuba's economic changes create new entrepreneursBy The Associated Press HAVANA – Where some might see a rotten window frame pocked by termites, Julio Cesar Hidalgo envisions a polished takeout counter, the rich smell of garlic and oregano wafting out onto a warm Havana street. In his mind's eye, the coarsely-laid concrete covering [...] Continue reading

The Pope’s Visit to Cuba: Expectations and Possibilities / Intramuros

The Pope's Visit to Cuba: Expectations and Possibilities / IntramurosIntraMuros Editorial 24The Catholic Church and the official press have announced that His Holiness the Pope Benedict XVI "is considering visiting Mexico and Cuba during the spring of the year 2012". At the same time, the spokesman of the Holy See has declared that the State [...] Continue reading

Cuba’s culture of poverty persists: Op-ed

Cuba's culture of poverty persists: Op-edPublished: Saturday, December 31, 2011, 12:08 PMThe Jersey Journal By The Jersey JournalBy ROLAND A. ALUM / SPECIAL TO THE JERSEY JOURNAL The Fidel-&-Raul Castro regime marks 53 years this Jan. 1. The brothers unquestionably enjoyed extraordinary popularity in 1959, but the enthusiasm soon vanished as they turned Cuba into [...] Continue reading