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July 2015
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A New Case of Fraud Jolts Cuban Universities

A New Case of Fraud Jolts Cuban Universities / 14ymedio, Mario Feliz
Posted on July 10, 2015

14ymedio, Mario Feliz Lleonart, Villa Clara, 9 July 2015 — A new case of
academic fraud jolted university campuses this Thursday. A group of
first year students in Medical Sciences in the province of Villa Clara
had prior access to the answers for the Morphophysiology III exam, given
on Thursday, 2 July. According to several witnesses, the sale and
circulation of the test was extensive and affected sites in other cities
such as that in Sagua la Grande.

The immediate solution will be to retest all first year students on
Monday, 13 July. So far it is not known if sanctions will be applied to
those who committed the fraud, nor if the source of the link is known.
The only details come from those who must retake the test, a measure
some students consulted lamented as “paying for the sins of others.”

Scandals of this kind in Cuban academia have become common at all levels
of education. Last June, this newspaper reported on the leak of several
final exams in the No. 1 Medical School in Santiago de Cuba. On that
occasion, 23 students were directly involved in leaking and distributing
the content of the second year Anatomy and Statistics exams, fourth year
English and the well known State Test. On that occasion the school’s
director asked for a two-year suspension from higher education for the
students involved in the incident.

Source: A New Case of Fraud Jolts Cuban Universities / 14ymedio, Mario
Feliz Lleonart | Translating Cuba –

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