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February 2020
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No corruption in Cuba? A lie.

did not bring corruption to Cuba; he merely institutionalized it. Official corruption has crippled Cuba since the colonial period, but Castro’s state-run monopolies, cronyism, and lack of accountability have made Cuba one of the world’s most corrupt states.

Corruption in Cuba, Castro and Beyond.

By Sergio Díaz-Briquets and Jorge Pérez-López



Petty corruption is also said to be rife in the state sector, where better-paid jobs are allegedly traded for money. Average state salaries are about 250 pesos a month (roughly $10), though better paid jobs can run to 500 and 600 pesos. But, as Juventud Rebelde discovered, state jobs are often sought less for their official salary than the access to state resources.

This situation has also spawned official corruption, previously a rarity in Cuba. Some municipal officials who handle the licenses are accused of taking bribes. State tax inspectors can also be bought off.

One illegal bicycle taxi driver said he had tried to obtain a license but could not afford the $150 bribe demanded by municipal officials. He said he made 30 to 40 pesos a day (about $1.25) after paying 30 pesos to rent the bicitaxi from its owner, who manages a fleet of 15 unlicensed bikes. The racket nets the bike owner, a state university professor, up to 10,000 pesos ($400) a month.

Cuba’s economy rife with corruption
Published January 15, 2007


No hay corrupción en Cuba? Una mentira.

La conclusión básica es que, según El País de Madrid (uno de los cinco diarios mundiales con acceso a los documentos), “la corrupción en Cuba ha avanzado hasta tal punto que se ha convertido en un fenómeno generalizado que alcanza a altos funcionarios, miembros del Partido Comunista Cubano y profesionales sin adscripción política”.

La corrupción como pan del día en la isla
February 04, 2011|Mauricio Llaver

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