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October 2018
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Cuba 2019 – Translated

Cuba 2019 / Ivan Garcia Posted on September 29, 2015 Ivan Garcia, 26 September 2015 — Let’s climb aboard a time machine. Into the future, of course. By now, Raul Castro has given up the throne. His son Alejandro has been tried for abuse of power, financial corruption and violations of human rights. Luis Alberto […] Continue reading

Cuba Inc. open to foreign capitalists, but within limits

Cuba Inc. open to foreign capitalists, but within limits Mon Jun 8, 2015 8:38am EDT By Daniel Trotta and Marc Frank HAVANA (Reuters) – Communist Cuba’s newfound interest in foreign capital has its limits, as Philippe Pouletty found out. A French doctor, venture capitalist and founder of biotech company Abivax, Pouletty is working with Cuba’s […] Continue reading

Real-Estate Revolution Hits Cuba

Real-Estate Revolution Hits Cuba The Wall Street Journal. Michael Allen HAVANA, Cuba—Listed at $1.2 million, the penthouse has broad terraces, marble floors and stunning waterfront views stretching from the Darth Vader-style Russian Embassy to Meyer Lansky’s old Riviera hotel. That might seem pricey for a Communist country whose average worker earns around $20 a month. […] Continue reading

Un Meliá Varadero por dentro

Un Meliá Varadero por dentro Por la noche, el hotel es bastante aburrido. Las actividades recreativas son escasas y a las 22 horas terminan. En la marina, los cubanos no pueden alquilar yates u otras embarcaciones. Iván García Quintero agosto 19, 2014 Gabriel Escarrer Juliá (Mallorca, 1935), fundador del grupo hotelero español Sol Meliá, hoy […] Continue reading

Cuba crackdown sees foreign companies exit

May 21, 2012 5:29 pm Cuba crackdown sees foreign companies exit By Marc Frank in Havana Tighter restrictions following President Raúl Castro's crackdown on state corruption and inefficiency is leading foreign businesses to leave Cuba, jeopardising the investment that his reform programme needs if it is to succeed. The number of foreign joint ventures in [...] Continue reading